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Social Media Manager who writes from a place of experience and self-growth. I write about relationships, wellness, self-care and sobriety. IG @JenMcDougall

If you want a high-caliber woman to like you, try avoiding the following.

8 Unimpressive Things You Should Never to a Woman You Like

An old phrase goes, “We don’t get a second chance to create a first impression.” While this is correct, it may also lead to individuals not being their authentic selves. It is natural for us to desire to be liked by others. Therefore we frequently behave in ways that we believe are acceptable. The difficulty with this is that we will always revert to our usual behaviors.

Is there someone, in particular, you’d like to impress with your charm and wit?

Having a crush on someone new…

My thoughts was at odds with itself since I hadn’t heard from him in four days. Negative ideas were multiplying. Cognitive distortions were tripping me up all over the place. I was overcome with emotion and under siege from concern. Is he avoiding me? I was curious. I’m sure I’ll never hear from him again, I reasoned. I assumed it was all over. At least, that’s how it felt at the moment.

In truth, I knew there had to be a way out of this spiral — some answer to lift me out of the pit of despair. I sat…

For many, being alone is a challenging and uncomfortable feeling. We crave connection, and to stay sober, happy, and healthy; it’s helpful to surround ourselves with positive influences. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean these people need to be physically around you 24/7.

How to Be Happy Alone

There is frequently confusion between loneliness and being alone. You may not know this, but spending time alone now and then is good for your mental and emotional wellbeing. To discover true self-acceptance and inner peace, spending time alone is a vital requirement you must begin practicing to overcome feelings of loneliness.

Most people who find discomfort in…

Healing broken relationships in recovery is extremely important. Letting go of the past, asking and accepting forgiveness, being authentic in your actions, and using the tools you acquired during rehab is essential to your sobriety. Broken relationships carry a weight of regret and miscommunication.

How to Repair Relationships in Addiction Recovery

In addition, there’s a strong chance that throughout your days of substance abuse, you most likely hurt people along the way. When we use and abuse drugs and alcohol, we lose our authenticity — meaning we alter our consciousness to be less than intentional and, in many cases, hurtful to those we love and care about.

“A relationship is like a garden. To create a condition that will cause your plants to thrive and produce abundantly, you must weed, water, fertilize, and care for the plants in your garden. You must also know about the special needs of the plants you’re caring for. For example, some need more or less light than others, some need more or less water than others, and some need special fertilizers.” – The Laws of Love, Chris Prentiss

After a series of failed relationships and heartbreak, I searched everywhere for the one book that could help explain everything there was to…

For whatever reason, most people think they are entitled to your time, even while in the middle of working or dealing with a severe crisis. The level of self-importance is off the charts these days, and I can’t tell you how tired of it I am. Between social media and text messaging (instant communication), it can be challenging to set and stick to personal and professional boundaries.

How to Stop Allowing People Unlimited Access to Your Life

Allowing someone to hurt how you think, feel, or behave gives them power over you.

It might be subtle at times. For example, maybe you modify your behavior around particular individuals to please…

Whether for work, school, or pleasure, traveling may provide a great chance to explore the globe in all of its splendor. You may have the opportunity to see famous sites up close and personal, producing stunning photos for your Instagram account. In addition, you’ll enjoy delicious local food and become immersed in exciting cultures. If you’re worried traveling could create a divide between you and your significant other, try these 10 helpful tips to keep your relationship strong and health.

How to Maintain a Healthy Relationship While Traveling Without Your Significant Other

However, if you’re in a relationship, the idea of being apart for an extended length of time will dilute the…

Every year on August 31st, International Overdose Awareness Day is observed. This somber day serves as a memorial to the more than 500,000 lives lost, as well as a reminder of how far we have come in combating addiction in America. Proper awareness necessitates introspection about the crisis’s causes, efforts to lessen its repercussions, and solutions for moving ahead to combat the opioid epidemic.

Several factors contributed to the onset and spread of the opioid epidemic. In 1995, the American Pain Society designated pain as the fifth vital sign. That same year, Purdue Pharma promoted oxycodone (OxyContin), using marketing efforts…

Breakups and ceasing all contact, thinking, and fixation with the ex are arguably among the most difficult aspects of dating. At times, it seems as if you’ll never be able to stop thinking about them. Worse, you start worrying over their life without you, who they could be seeing now, and if you’ll ever get back together. Here’s what you should do if this describes you.

  1. Take a break from social media for a couple of weeks while you allow yourself to grieve and heal. This will help prevent you from posting any regrettable posts fueled by your sad broken…

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